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TSD Digital Platform: Services

TSD Digital Platform

Control with full visibility

Comprised of TSD JobControl, Track & Trace together with assistant from Digital workforce - RPA & AI, ThaiSomdej has developed its owned TSD Digital Platform to assist user on everyday operations while enable full visibility on shipment status and progress.

TSD EasyPaste

Structure the non-structure

This state-of-the-art system allow us to generate customs declaration with full efficiency but taking less time and human effort.

TSD Digital Document Storage

No more paper

We deploy all updated technology to minimize paper consumption. Our implementation includes digital image archive (DIA) which we keep a scanned copy of all documents of every completed jobs in our database.


Work in synchronised

As a free zone warehouse operator, we transmit cargo information from customs declaration directly to our warehouse WMS for work efficiency and accuracy.


Efficient delivery

Transportation booking is linked and synced with other concerned parties to make sure of suitable transport arrangement under optimized conditions.


Secured movement

With an upcoming requirement of e-lock system, we are already ready for the implementation. Our job control and other modules will be intregated seamless with the use of an e-lock system.

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